Welcome to Phy-tc.com

This site is my official web presence used between 2003 and 2011 for my freelance electronic engineering business under the motto:

When your competitors use the same CAD tools, manufacturing process and design techniques, the expertise of your design team is your only advantage.

In my professional career I have helped the implementation teams of different VLSI companies with expertise in ASIC and SoC design and more specifically in the digital design from RTL to GDS2.

This website is still maintained for its potential as a startpoint for activities that I could decide to conduct independently from my current permanent employment.

Furthermore, the pages describing my services and testimonials at the time of my self-employment should only be considered historical documents and do not represent my current career objectives.

In order to get in touch with me I strongly recommend using your Linkedin connections . The e-mail address provided in the contact page remains available, although messages sent to me by e-mail could remain unnoticed due to the large amount of received spam.

Alessandro Uber